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January 4, 2018

Helicopter Links 2017 Web Statistics and our Search Engine Optimization.

By Mike Hampson, owner, Helicopter Links.

San Diego, California, USA: Helicopter Links had a total of 58,781 visitors (including return visits) in 2017.

Worldwide Visitor Demographics:World map of 2016 Visitor Demographics by Continent

  • Americas: 24,626 (52.68%)
  • Europe: 9,962 (21.31%)
  • Asia: 8,372 (17.91%)
  • Africa: 1,849 (3.96%)
  • Oceania: 1,747 (3.75%)
  • Unknown: 189 (.4%)

New Versus Returning Visitors:

  • New Visitors: 46,810 (88.81%)
  • Return Visitors: 5,898 (11.19%)

Visitors By Device Used:

  • Desktop: 31,482 (66.96%)
  • Mobile: 11,972 (25.46%)
  • Tablet: 3,565 (7.58%)

Per Google Analytics, over 80% of our visitors came from organic searches. This means that most people visiting Helicopter Links were not looking for Helicopter Links; instead, people were typing in two (2) or more search terms in Google (or another search engine), looking for a list of companies in the helicopter industry and then found Helicopter Links website and then used Helicopter Links website to find sellers.

Over 80% of our visitors are from organic searches. People are finding Helicopter Links because we are usually on the first page of Google's Search Results List. (When you perform any search online, the list of websites that the search engine returns to you, is called the "Search Results List".)

All of this information is important for business owners and marketing departments because when a buyer is looking for a list of companies, products, or services to choose from online, and who are in the helicopter industry, we provide them with that list.

This also means that companies and organizations advertising on Helicopter Links are having their ads seen by buyers, at the very moment they are in the buying process. The reason people are visiting Helicopter Links is the same reason why people are visiting Amazon or Ebay, they are buyers either researching before buying or are ready to buy. Our visitors want to look at the advertisements. A marketer's and boss's dream: To advertising on a place where buyers want to look at their ads!

In comparison, magazines are where the seller is searching for buyers. Magazines tout their readership numbers. That's because people are using the magazine to read the articles in the magazine, not the advertising. While someone is reading a magazine, they might not be interested in looking at advertising because they are not researching before buying or they are not ready to buy something. In contrast, when people are using Helicopter Links website, our visitors are now taking time out of their business day because they are ready buy a product or service, ready to research before buying or looking for information from a company or organization.

It's easy to test to see how people find Helicopter Links website on Google or on another search engine. Please click on the search phrases below to test Helicopter Links Search Engine Optimization. (Or copy and paste or just type the search phrases below into any search engine.)

Helicopter Links can help almost any company in the helicopter industry, which wants to advertise to local, regional, national and/or international buyers.

Please call or email us to find out more about our advertising options and let us help you advertise, market and brand your company to buyers online. Call +1 (858) 413-0704 or email staff@helicopterlinks.com. (We are located in San Diego, California, USA.)

- End of article.

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